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Does your site have all the features which can dramatically reduce bounce rates and make your customers stay longer? If you’re unsure then take a look the tips below that surely will improve your website appearance and increase the time spent by visitors on your site.

Keep your site free of clutter and overcrowding

Make sure your web pages do not have visual clutter which can confuse the visitors. A plethora of images and graphics robs the site of its originality as it takes the viewers away from the main content. The paragraphs shouldn’t be too lengthy as it becomes quite boring to learn more   read it which creates a significant challenge to keep the attention of the viewers. They should be brief and concise , and generally should not go over more than five or six lines.

Considering the Fold

“The Fold” usually refers to the portion of a website that can be seen without scrolling. Since it’s the part that is always accessible to people who are online It is therefore essential features that include clear calls to action and crucial contact details about your company such as a phone number as well as an email address should be put on the top of your website.

Using Dummy Tools

Lorem Ipsum is the name that numerous web developers use for creating placeholders for text that look like dummy text to their website. It is beneficial in many scenarios where the text is not yet fully drafted. This allows the web designer of any website design firm to continue to create the site without waiting to content writers, that could otherwise impede the process. Using them accelerates the entire process of creating. If you are using photographs or images, web designers may make use of an alternative to the Lorem Ipsum equivalent for images which allows designers to use placeholder images that are dummy.

Responsive Design is Mandatory

It is essential that your web site design is mobile friendly and viewable in any type of electronic device. The layout should be designed so that the viewer is able to experience a seamless user experience, and has a continuous capability with minimal scrolling, without any inconvenience on multiple devices. In actuality, the website must be able to cater for any image dimension or resolution.

Use Proper Style Guides

The use of a style guide is crucial to produce great results in a web design. Style guides, in actual, are quite popular with web designers since it aids in creating uniform styles. Guides are offered as books and documents and contain guidelines that list all the information that are essential, like labelling them to numbers. Web designers can also develop their own style guides in order to maintain consistency throughout the designing process. Style guides are essential when there are multiple people working on a project, like freelance writers working from various places. When text has to be represented in different ways, and there is a lot of variety in heavy sites and other sites, Guides to Style Guides are a great resource.


By using A/B testing, you’ll be able conduct a variety of tests and find out if your concepts are working or not. It’s a great technique to explore different options and to test the efficacy of your design. You’ll be able to make a decision on whether the feature is looking good or it is necessary to include another feature. All such decisions are actually generated from testing different parts of the design which is actually a hypothesis. User testing on a continuous basis for improving your web design is a continuous process. If you can master this skill you’ll be in more control of trying out and implementing new design concepts.

Consider every webpage as a landing page

Every page on a website is vital for users. Beyond your home page, every page is significant in the eyes of a user’s view. Any page that your visitors come across on your website must be well constructed. In reality, research, is that of a large percentage of visits for most sites, people visit a web page that isn’t the homepage. Therefore , it is important to include vital details and an appealing design on each page of your site.

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