Gambling in different games overview

Gambling in different games overview

Casino Gambling – The Inside Track

Hello! My name is John Batya and I am an experienced pro Roulette or Black Jack player. My day is spent in the casino and it strikes me that many players have no idea of the risks they take when taking risks with their hard-earned money. In the end, I see many people losing their money unnecessarily.

I’m not happy to experience this so often and I’ve taken the decision to write about some of my most efficient Betting Strategies that I use. Remember, casinos operate to take your money in a safe way: They give you free drinks, free shows and sometimes free dinners, free travel and other comps. As it’s a completely free society, there’s no reason to be against it. It’s also right for you to enter the casino with a little knowledge of how to defend yourself.

When you gamble on the internet, you should have the “must win” attitude. Gambling is a serious business that requires the real Money plays a role. sexygaming People claim they play exclusively for entertainment, that is nonsense!

I have listed a series of Betting Strategies that you can pick from. These systems are employed by the best professionals in the business. They can help get you started. It is time to begin to play with your own variations and create your own strategy to play your favorite game. Start by mastering the basics concepts and then adding your personal flair for creativity.

This information is meant for:

1.) Amateurs who visit the Casino to have fun.

Fun, in that you enjoy the show, enjoy no cost drinks, and have lost little or no money when leaving the casino. Why not make it enjoyable? Good enjoyment as in: All of the above, and leaving the casino with more money in your wallet than when you entered it. My purpose is to make you feel like you’re having Good Fun in the casino.

2) Professionals, who want to produce 500 units in a single session.

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A casino where, for a fee*, you can place bets on cash money on the outcome of an exact (unbiased) coin-toss game or series of coin-tosses. In the event that you are successful, you will receive money.

*(The charge is the amount which the casino collects as a House-Edge. Usually , it is between 1.35% and 18 percent of the bet)


Roulette is it is a Negative Expectation game. This means that it is almost certain – over the long run – that it is not possible to win. Roulette, in fact, is like Life itself: In the long term it’s a certain that we will pass away. In the short-term, however the life is enjoyable!

This is the way it is with roulette: in the short-term we can make good money, but only if we do not stay on the table for too long.


The amount of money that you have saved up to play with and which amount you can be able to afford losing. It could be the sum you have set that you have set aside for the night or the amount you want to put at risk in a particular table or game at an agreed-upon time. The bigger the bankroll is the better chance of winning. (Money is the same as ammunition. Don’t leave home without it!) The size of your bankroll is a key element. The majority of losers place excessively in relation to their financial resources. Make sure you play with a less than the amount I suggest for every strategy!

A word of caution: The casino wants your money and will do everything that is legally possible to acquire it.


Return-On-Bankroll: Just a different name for Return-On-Investment. It is a crucial aspect of gambling because the majority of losses happen after being in the black at some period or other. People are enticed by their quick-term results, and then greed comes in and they decide to throw everything to the side. They leave the casino at an unprofitable balance, despite having had a profit later in the evening. Sounds familiar?

ROB usually expressed as a percent and is expressed in dollars. The lower the specified ROB-percentage, higher chance of winning. Follow your pre-determined ROB when you’re looking to steal the casino!


‘Life involves managing expectations’ (Jean Bateau)

When going to the Casino there is a need to create a plan: There must be a set of expectations, and each individual has different expectations.

If the goal is to double the bankroll The chances of success are considerably lower than if the goal is to take 20% of the bankroll. The odds to ROB 20 percent are 87%. However, the likelihood of ROBBING 100% is only 9 percent. (Versus loss of money)

I’m going to give you a list that includes Betting Strategies that can help you reach you particular expectation.

I have graded them as Very Aggressive Extremely Aggressive, Mildly Aggressive Conservative and Fun. They are Progressive betting systemsthat allow the bets increase by using your own money. They are risky methods and it is not guaranteed that you’ll always win. It is important to realize that the occasional bad streak is likely to happen and just like some lucky streaks can be observed. You can integrate your security mechanisms into every strategy to help you feel at ease. This can be accomplished by limiting the process to a stage that is comfortable for you.

Important note: For all strategies suggested: Don’t take too long to play at one table. By doing this, one will know what you’re doing. You should not make more than $1,000 or the equivalent amount per table since this can cause a flurry of attention to the Casino, and make you the centre of focus, which is exactly what you don’t want.

Very Aggressive:

Plenty of action! Concentration required. No alcohol allowed. Adrenaline-rushes.


A good amount of activity! Little concentration required – after training. Alcohol is permitted. Adrenaline-rushes.

Mildly Aggressive:

It’s easy to track without too high concentration! Alcohol permitted. There are fewer adrenaline rushes.


A lot of action! Concentration is required. Alcohol is allowed. Some adrenaline rushes. These strategies are designed to keep you playing for long hours, without serious damage, but possibly decent profits.


There is a chance that you could earn some money. There’s lots of action, and most of the time you make chips. It is only worth it for free drinks and the drinks are free! You will enjoy your stay in the casino without huge losses or big profit.


Establish your account balance (i.e. the maximum amount you can lose) and ensure that you do not lose more than that amount. If the bankroll has been wiped out: WALK! and come back a day later.

Make a profit-objective for yourself and when you’ve achieved it, GO! Come back the next day.

Tables with one zero with surrender or “en prison” rules whenever there is a table. (Normally across Western Europe and hard to locate in the Americas).

A few things that you must know about roulette-mathematics:

It’s a CERTAINTY that bets on outside odds will be even. So, after a billion chances, there’ll come a moment when black and red are coming up exactly the same number of times. However, the timing is never ending, meaning that this information is useless, since we only deal with the short term.

It is also a CERTAINTY that, if Bob and Fred flip a coin that is unbiased and either Bob of Fred will win over the first hundred times. It’s also an CERTAINTY that in just 5percent of the cases either one will be ahead of one in the near future. This means that you should be attentive to recent events to determine the best place to bet. If red has been featured in a significant quantity of times more than black, it’s reasonable to assume that black won’t come more than a few times higher than red in the near future. This is an important fact since the majority of people tend to bet on “regression to the mean”, which means that they would expect that red and black will come up an equal number of times in the short term. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. If you know this, you’ll be mistaken in your choice of color (or wagering zone) only five percent of the times and 5% of the time! The casino doesn’t understand this and, fortunately for Casinos, the majority of players are unaware of this mystery. This is particularly important when it comes to the d’Alembert or Parlay betting strategies.


Luck plays a crucial role in the Casino. The strategies discussed on this website do not require luck, however Lady Luck is always welcome.

The betting strategies that I have discussed require that you do not have bad luck. You will only lose if you’re able to get a high dose of bad luck. Since most of the time you play one side of the table There are four options:

1) You are lucky (profitable in your case)

2.) It is even (profitable in your favor)

3) You’ve got some bad fortune (still profitable for you)

4.) You’re having luck (You lose)

It is not possible to detect the bad luck until after it has happened. The same is true for luck. You won’t recognize that you’re experiencing a lucky streak until it has materialized.

That, my dear, is the reason why Casinos remain in business!

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